Anne Ehrgott hanging on an Oldenburg Classic Nose Rider. Photo: unknown.

We asked surfer Anne Ehrgott from Topanga, California, about her favorite boards (for board reference, Anne is 5’9″ and 125 pounds).

Surf Wanderer:  What is your current favorite board? 

Anne Ehrgott: 9’8” x 23″ x 2 7/8″ Josh Oldenburg Classic Nose Rider 

SW: What kind of waves do you mostly surf in? 

AE: Mainly point breaks as Malibu is just next-door and Topanga’s good all year round. 

SW: If your not surfing that board, what do surf instead/want to surf instead? 

AE: I have fun on shorter boards when the waves are bigger — quads, eggs and mini simmons are my favorites.

Anne is sponsored by Josh Oldenburg Surfboards and Molly B Bikinis.