Remember, none of us signed up to be trash men and women on the beach, however, the ocean and earth need us.  The Save 10 movement is about setting reasonable, attainable goals, “save ten pieces of trash from going in the ocean each time you’re at the beach or in nature,” and share your story and vibe with others.

Photographer Javier Delgado Saved 10 today, and shared his success story:

“It’s amazing how just by leading by example today Saving “my” 10, how many other surfers saw me, and couldn’t help but partake.  It sucks that this trash is on the beach, but it’s there.  Whether it’s from the college partiers who were here yesterday, the birds who often feed in the trash and litter the beach, or whatever, the trash was there, so I saved it from going in our ocean.

Shaka Save 10!


This is the trash I picked up today for my Save 10 contribution.  It wasn’t much…until a few surfers followed my lead and began picking up their share as well!

Here’s the trash that other surfers picked up, following my lead.  I was stoked they pitched in.  Shaka Save 10!