Ryan Allshouse finds some weird circular plastic ring hanging out in the reef below his local surf break.   Disgusted but determined, he grabbed it and took it up to the trash can.  It’s amazing how many times in my life I walked by pieces of trash like this and said to myself, “Man, somebody needs to pick that up!  I can’t believe people let this happen!”

The Save 10 movement came from a personal awakening one day that it didn’t matter where the trash came from or how it got in front of me at that exact present moment.  I could be mad at the world and it’s people for letting trash get to the beach and into the ocean, but every time I walked by and pick up this trash, because it was gross, or not mine, or whatever…  every time I left it on the beach out of disgust for my other fellow human beings, I was letting it into the ocean when I could have saved it from polluting our earth.  I had the epiphany one day that I was just as much of the problem for complaining, but not helping solve any problems.

So, the idea of Save 10 is this:  Save 10 pieces of trash from going in the ocean every time you surf, either on your way to the water, or on your way back to your car.  On a lucky day, like this one, you may only find one piece of trash, but with the mindset to Save 10, and encourage others to do it as well, we’re doing a part that fits into our real schedule.  WE ARE BUSY PEOPLE,  AND ASKING EACH OTHER TO DO BEACH CLEAN UPS  EVERYDAY IS NOT REALISTIC.  So just Save 10, or whatever you can find, and spread the word.  Don’t overwhelm yourself, just do a little part and the beach will be that much better off.

Not only is Ryan a great surfer, but he cleans the beach too! Photo: Jason Rath