The “Slide and Glide” by Scott Anderson and Josh Farberow is one of the best finless, well, nearly finless surfboards I’ve ever ridden. Scott Anderson of Anderson Surfboards shaped this for and we are going to be documenting this thing extensively.  We’ll start off with the Shaper’s Take on this surfboard.

Continue to check back at as we accrue surfing video and a surfer’s take as well.  We also have a great video of Anderson shaping this board, that will be updated in the future.

All I can say before the surfing footage comes out, is that I’ve ridden this board in various waves and wave types, and it is one of the most inexplainable cool rushes in surfing that I’ve ever had.  You can get barreled on this board, and you will most definitely push the limits of 360s on a wave face!  My best is five in a row so far, which is just after a few sessions. This board goes right over kelp and I can’t wait to take it out on an overhead day!