The entire idea, or mantra of Save 10 comes from the idea of Saving Trash from going into the ocean, and eventually making it to the mouths of birds, sea life, and into the eco-system.  Much of this trash is ending up, especially the plastic, which is a 0 % bio-degradable substance (yes, that’s right, plastic never bio-degrades, it’s stays with us for ever, BPA (mega-toxic shi% used to mold and make plastic is one of the most lethal parts of plastic) gets in our waters and into our fish, and then we eat them)!  It’s a big ugly cycle.

Below, please take time to watch the video.

Saving 10 to me breaches eco-friendly territory of helping the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, which if you’re unfamiliar, is a floating collection of broken down trash, much unnoticeable actually from the air when you fly over, which is a collection of trash that is twice the size of Texas.  Two Texas’ worth of trash!

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