Just recently, we sought out the great Moroccan restaurant of Mediterranean cuisine in San Luis Obispo at Oasis Restaurant.  

There are many restaurants to choose from for a great family or romantic evening in San Luis Obispo (SLO) County.  However, as far as Mediterranean food is concerned, a top choice in the county is by far “Oasis Restaurant,” on historic Higuera St. in downtown SLO.  It is an especial favorite for us here at Surfwanderer.com Online Magazine because it fits the niche for a surfer:  Low-key, down-to-earth service, and it’s family owned and operated.  Not to mention award winning Moroccan tastes, Oasis restaurant has been a longtime SLO favorite, and one of our top recommendations whether you’re dining with the family, the ladies, or the bros. 

The meal sheds an eccentric burst of exotic spices and tastes boasting from Northern Africa.  Everything had a soft, creamy texture with an allure of mediterranean spices and a mild kick that sits on your tongue after each bite, resinating these warm spices of Middle Eastern culture.

Owner, Karim BenBrahim and his wife run Oasis restaurant, supporting a family and kids.  The restaurant is their living, which, like most family run establishments, is why the experience is such a homely family atmosphere.

The Food

I’ve had Moroccan food before, and the spices were a main attribute.  The similarities of Moroccan cuisine rang true here, however, Oasis Restaurant separates itself apart from the rest, and I’m claiming this one as one of the best Moroccan restaurants that I’ve ever eaten at.

Sampler Platter:  We started off with the sampler plater.  It seemed like all of the food melted in our mouths, with a soft, creamy flavor in each bite.

The Soup:  The soup that was brought out for a starter, before the appetizer and was incredible.  It held a cinnamon smell, which allured you in before your first sip.

Honey Chicken Wrap:  The chicken melted in your mouth, again with that soft hint of honey and a soft smooth taste.

D’Atlas:  The D’Atlas is a featured meal.  It’s a wonderful lamb dish:  lemony with a touch of pear, soft, a little more than a touch of sweet.  The meat fell off the lamb shank bone with my fork and melted in my mouth.  This is one of my all time favorite dishes at Oasis.

Desert:  Galaktoboureko

This dish had a touch of mint and honey.  If you love honey, this place is for you.  Every dish seemed to link a soft, smooth, honey-minty aroma to your palate.


Our overall synopsis of the Oasis Restaurant is that it’s a perfect atmosphere for a quiet dining experience with the kids, the bros, or the ladies.  The service is unbeatable, and the taste of the food is to die for.  Don’t be surprised if you see us there soon!

Contact info


675 Higuera St  San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
(805) 543-1155