Photos: Brent Lieberman
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I was peering out the window through very hazy eyes as if I had been drugged or something, I didnt know what was wrong, it didnt seem like any of the drugs that I had tried back in the 60’s, was I still asleep and dreaming? My head was spinning and everything seemed to be flashing by at a very high rate of speed, I felt as though I had been abducted, nothing seemed real, could this really be happening to me? I could make out water below and sandy beaches that seemed to stretch beyond my field of vision. And then it happened, everything snapped back to clarity, the Mothership had landed and I was put out onto the sand along with Eric Knowles, Robbie Domingues and Alex Hamilton. We had been freed from our Alien captors, and were deposited at Area 51! The last thing I saw, was this little grey dude throwing me a Shaka from the window of the flying saucer! There were good little waves and all of the sudden, I had forgotten about our abduction and just started up where I had left off!