Robert Weiner talks to Surf Wanderer about being Surfing Magazine’s Shaper of the Year!

Robert Weiner discusses what it means to him to be shaper of the year.  It’s a classic little interview.  Mid-day, in the shop, between a million things for him to do.  However, you can tell in his voice his deep appreciation for many things:  his wife, his job, surfing, shaping, and the ability to love what he does as a shaper.  He notes that he works an average of 12-15 hours a day, which is standard for good shapers that I’ve met up and down the California coast.

The music in the background kind of grew on me too.  Where as many times you would edit out things like background noise, we really wanted you to get a feel for the working conditions and daily life.  Robert is just another guy, but yet what separates him and makes him great is his commitment to his own goals and pushing through the tough days because of a larger vision and a labor of love.

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