By Shawn Tracht

When cruising and perusing around the Shell Beach area on a sunny Central California day, a great, easy, affordable meal adds fresh toppings to an already ice cream sweet day.  Here at Surf Wanderer Online Magazine, we are always on the outlook for those niche eateries to stoke out our viewers, and we found another one here in Shell Beach recently at the Shell Beach Liquor and Deli, just blocks away from good waves.

Owned and run by Ehab, a great community guy, the Shell Beach Liquor and Deli has really upped its game since he took over ownership almost two years ago.  Ehab has made many improvements to an already perfectly located establishment, bringing in the biggest selection of beer and a slew of Central Coasts Wine, supporting our local Wineries, at the definite lowest prices in town.  Moreover, I was impressed, that such a small store was even offering such basic goods, such as toiletries and basic must have food products for in-a-bind situations or vacation necessity, at such fair prices.  By far, there is no store in Shell Beach that can match his reasonable pricing, from what I’ve seen so far.

Here’s why we’d suggest stopping by the Shell Beach Liquor and Deli on your next post-surf sessions.

Tastes, Menu Selection, and Price:

First off, the owner, has built a menu that represents great tastes at an affordable price.  Also, the menu is diverse, which was perfect for our family with kids because I could order a speciality chicken sando with bacon and avocado, $6, my wife could order a healthy turkey sandwich on wheat bread, only $5, and we could order my son an egg sandwich, for just $4, and still leave with a little food left for the to-go box.

Everything out of the deli was fresh and made to order, and you could tell that the owner, Ehab, is making every attempt to appeal to both travelers, enjoying the beauty and fun waves around Shell Beach, as well as the local crowd who is a necessity for his business success.  Whereas most niche, small town delis would price their items higher and charge you due to the lack of supply and demand of small towns, Ehab’s pricing encourages the local crowd to keep coming back because the food is so dang good.  Literally, eating out just makes life better…if you can afford it.  Someone else cooking for you, cleaning up your mess, and the thought of having no dishes is what I live for.  However, on a surfers budget, like mine, taste and price have to fit just right, and again, we’ve found our gem here.

Now, focusing on tastes.  When it comes to deli sandwiches, I personally, am looking for a few main things:  bursting flavor,  a certainty that I am going to be full when I’m done eating, and a sandwich that isn’t afraid to get all over my face with toppings and sauces!  At the Shell Beach Liquor and Deli, our conclusion for those three request are, “done, done, and done.”

Our last line of business here dealt with the delicious Doc. Burstein’s Ice Cream counter.  There’s nothing like ice cream on a hot day, or, any day if you love ice cream like my son and I do.  Doc. Burnstein’s Ice Cream is locally made in Arroyo Grande at the downtown ice cream parlor, and like the Shell Beach Liquor and Deli, it’s able to sustain its small business with unmatched quality.

Whether you’re fiening for a full meal or just dessert, Surf Wanderer is so stoked to have found this little hidden gem in such a cool town.  You’ve probably driven by the Shell Beach Liquor and Deli plenty of times, and never knew what it had to offer. When you visit, tell Ehab we said hi.

601 Shell Beach Road  Pismo Beach, CA 93449
(805) 773-4753