Photos: Brent Lieberman
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Aloha All,

Today Eric and I went to to new spot, that Eric has been telling me about, but we never had the right swell, wind, tide etc. to check it out. Its about an hour drive from home, strictly on small one lane roads. There are many beautiful sights along the way, vineyards, barns, cows gazing, deer, pigs etc. so the ride out there was nice. When you  finally arrive, then you have to pack everything you need and hike for about 20 minutes. Well, today, according to Eric wasn’t the best, but I was impressed. Its a point with rights breaking on the low tide, then as the tide filled in, lefts started reeling trough. I certainly want to go back on a day when the conditions are better, but today certainly gave me an idea how good it can get. I hope you enjoy this first session at “Robots.” Click here to see more:

Enjoy the ride…Aloha Nui Loa….Liebs