Photos: Brent Lieberman
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Please, if you know surfers in this gallery, add there names into the comments below so that they can more easily find their photos!  Shaka Surfwanderer

Some thoughts about Winter:

Surfers love Winter. It usually means really cold weather with crystal clear nights where you can see every star in our universe, big swells that come winding down our coast from the Bay of Alaska, pounding our coast with that Aleutian juice that we love to drink from. Spots that have been dormant all Summer come alive with that juice that makes the shortened days seem tolerable! Most guys are digging out their step up boards or full-on Rhino Chasers, thicker wetsuits and larger gonads! Winter is what most of us look forward too. It makes us feel alive and gives purpose to being a surfer.
Photographers love the Winter as well, for all the above reasons too. We also love this time of year for the low sun angle, early sunrises, lack of fog, and those of us that are lucky enough to live on this part of the coast know that the wind will usually be coming down from the snow capped mountains and blowing offshore almost every morning. These winds, also, sometimes make it unbearably cold for those early morning shoots! A jacket, a hoody and beanie, gloves, and for me, my thickest shorts are usual attire! Walking on crunchy frozen sand is not that uncommon. Seeing mountain lion tracks on the beach is not that uncommon on this coast. Not to mention, seeing a Great White jumping out of the water chasing a seal-a-meal, to give you the willies, and keep the crowd factor under control.
This Winter didn’t disappoint us. There were some huge days. We saw many days of head high and over head wave action. And of course, there were some small days thrown in, just to keep us humble. There were many long drives in search of that elusive spot that you know must be going off. We made many long and grueling hikes to spots that we don’t talk about, sometimes these hikes were for not! Sometimes we scored unreal waves with only your hiking mates. Sometimes we scored beautiful waves and shooting conditions right in our backyards.
So, sit back and enjoy these photographs from this past Winter. I hope that one or two will bring back a memory of one of your favorites sessions with your friends, or possibly awaken your sense of adventure and the passion to inspire you to get out there and search! So, for now I will say “Aloha Nui Loa” stay stoked and forever young….Liebs

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