Photos: Brent Lieberman
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When World War II started, there was great paranoia in America worrying about an attack on our homeland, with real concerns about the Nazis invading the East Coast, and the Japanese attacking the West Coast, we started to build a defense system on our shores. Nazi submarines were actually sighted right off our Eastern shores, and there was a real threat on the Left Coast, when a Japanese submarine actually surfaced and torpedoed a small pier north of Goleta. One torpedo hit its mark, and the other ran up onto the beach. The sub commander radioed back to Japan, “We have destroyed Los Angeles!” In reality, he partially destroyed a pier that was about a hundred feet long!
America built bunkers and artillery installations all along our shores, most were torn down after the war, but some are still there as a reminder of a time long ago, a testament to our military strength.
Today I met up with a small crew of young surfers at a spot I haven’t shot photos at for almost forty years. This spot we call “Bunkers” because there are still a few of those artillery and machine gun bunkers lining the beach, and foothills overlooking this stretch of coast. Its a wild coast, and requires a half hour hike through the foothills to get to this pristine beach. You have to skirt around marshlands, where rumors of quicksand run through your mind with every footstep, so your very careful where you walk, and always want to go in with a friend, remembering a piece of rope or a long stick, just in case. The long stick is always good this time of year, just incase of the odd rattlesnake!
The waves were really fun today, well worth the walk in. We arrived at the beach and were greeted by 3-5′ waves with a nice offshore wind. The way this beach faces, it makes for studio lighting all morning…I was stoked, especially after virtually forgetting about this little niche for almost a lifetime, and how fun it can get now and then.
Today’s crew consisted of Lorin Anderson, Brian Wordinger, Jake KIng, Mark Longston, Scott Martinson, Josh Mann and Jordan Sevard. There was also a pod of whales, plenty of pelicans and birds, and an odd seal or two. On the hike back out everyone was talking about how they were so stoked to have such a great little session, and when we’ll ever muster up the energy to go back.  So sit back and enjoy the photos, and I will say Aloha Nui Loa……..Liebs