Surfwanderer is stoked to support grassroots businesses associated with fair trade and the idea of helping others while also running a business in another country.  In this interview with Larry Bonner, Maule Wear’s owner, we learned a lot more about fair trade and how his product, which is sold in many niche surf shops, operates.

Below are a few pictures of Larry ripping on his surf/work trips to Chile.

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4 Responses to “Surfwanderer Interviews: Maule Wear”

  1. Alex Chapman

    I have known Larry since we were freshman in HS and he is a QUALITY guy! His connection with the people of Chile goes way beyond his business and I am very proud to support Maule Wear as a Fair Trade business. My wife owns one of the button up, lined sweaters and she wears it CONSTANTLY!! Very warm and stylish! As consumers, we need to support businesses like Maule Wear.

  2. thirdworldsurfco

    LarDog’s a Shell Beach legend…With plenty of good stories to prove it! Good men come with good and honorable buisness practices. Thanks Larry for paving the way – I wish more people would outsource like you do. Nothing’s warmer than your beenies or sweaters! Save one for me when I see ya next!



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