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Today would of started out very early, but my alarm clock didnt go off as planned. But I awoke at six anyways, with a photo sent to my IPhone from an old friend showing me some very pretty waves before sunrise. Then about five phone calls from some frothy Mates saying the waves were good. So, a quick bowl of cereal, some coffee poured into the eyes, a banana for the road, and I’m off to hunt down some surf.
First stop was at the Pier, where I was greeted by some really pretty water color, great lighting and a few of friends out enjoying an early sesh. Uncrowded at first, the waves were around head high and very playful. Out at the Pier were Eric Knowles and a small handful of other Surfers enjoying the great conditions.I shot there for a hour or two and then my phone started exploding again, this time Shawn was calling, telling me that Sharkies was going off, and I should high tail it up there. So, on the road again heading North, to a spot that I haven’t shot yet, so my anticipation level was high. The reason that it is called Sharkies is, at the bottom of the trail there is a huge rock sticking out from the cliffs that looks like the head of a Great White Shark! You will see this in the slide show. This is a very rocky, reef lined stretch of coast with no beach at all. Even shooting, your standing on out cast dry reef, making it hard on the feet. But the surf was playful, and being a new spot for me, I had a blast. The Surfers enjoying this spot included; Shawn Tracht, Larry “LarDog” Bonner, Opie, Tom Maloney, Dean and a couple of others.
All in all, it was a great day. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I did making them. Stay stoked and stay forever young. For now, Aloha Nui Loa….Liebsie

closeout photography: maui, hawaii


3 Responses to “Somewhere in Cali: Fake Fall”

    • Shawn

      Seriously, I only take off the booties a few times a year up here and the hoodies are a necessity in the Spring with the cold North West winds kicking up.

  1. Da Lieb

    Charles, the water, probably hits, like 57 in the Summer…..Lucky you Live Hawaii Braddah!


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