Photos: Brent Lieberman
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Lucky Man

I am a lucky man, or should I say a very lucky man! I made it through puberty with out any emotional disorders, that I am aware of! I got turned onto Surfing at the age of 12 and in my 13th. year, my parents decided to take the family on vacation to Hawaii for the two week Christmas break, which richly deepened my love to surf, for the ocean, all the creatures within and that Beach boy lifestyle that was flourishing during the sixties. I was lucky that my Mom was also very supportive of myself and my friends passion for Surfing and would drive us to the beach any time I asked. I learned how to Surf at the Santa Monica Sport Fishing Pier and by age 14 had graduated up the coast to surfing that amazing right hander at Malibu regularly, and was a witness to that whole scene for many years following. I was very lucky to survived the sixties with all the craziness, protesting the war in Vietnam, drugs and experiments therein. Living in Dogtown there were plenty of creative souls to surround yourself with, world class Surfers, drug crazies, skid row bums, subversives, and life in general, for me, those days in Santa Monica/Venice were a daily experiment in survival, and the foundation for my growing passion of photography. I am a very lucky man, because my High School sweetheart has stayed with me through all this turmoil and craziness, we have raised two beautiful children together, survived the bumps on the road that life has a way of throwing at you, and still is supportive of my passions during the past 45 years! I have been lucky enough to acquire some of the worlds best gear to explore my world of photography; the Surfing, Beaches, characters, the mountains, deserts and the flora and fauna existing in these environments. I hope you enjoy viewing my world! Aloha….Liebs

closeout photography: maui, hawaii


3 Responses to “Somewhere in Cali: Lagunas May 15-12”

  1. Steve Bissell

    Another nice visual trip to the beach with my nice friend and super photoboy, das Liebersnatch! I ‘m lucky myself, to have a good friend such as yourself.

    • Shawn

      Not sure, all we know is that it is “Somewhere in Cali…”

      or something like that…


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