If you want your surfboard faster just give your shaper more money!  It’s not about the beer anymore.  The economy is so bad right now that beer is no help.  I’ve met with shapers all up and down California this year from Shaper of the Year, Robert Weiner of Roberts Surfboards in Ventura, to Stretch up in Santa Cruz, to Nick Cooper of Coop Deville Surfboards in San Luis Obispo, to Matt Biolos of ..Lost Surfboards in San Clemente.  These guys have families and are already working non-stop, 12-18 hour days just to get all of their orders done on time.  They’re busy!

So if you want your board done faster, here’s two tips:

#1:  Find a Shaper who glasses his own boards in house:  For example, if you want a board in three days, and you’re willing to pay a little more, guys like Dave Johnson of Progressive Surfboards (Goleta/Santa Barbara, CA),  Nick Cooper of Coop Deville Surfboards (San Luis Obispo), and Jeff Hull of Resist Surfboards (Ventura, CA) all shape and glass their own boards.  This means that they’re their own boss, and can put custom surfboards in whatever order they want as far as getting their boards done.

#2:  Pay More: If you want you’re board finished a month early, be willing to spend and extra $100.  If you want your board done in two weeks, make it $175 extra or so.  And if you want your board done as fast as a surfboard can be shaped and glassed and finished, which is about three days, then offer your shaper $300 extra and I will almost guarantee you won’t be waiting more than a few days…just make that agreement with them!


One Response to “How Can I Get My Custom Surfboard Faster From My Shaper?”

  1. James Batt

    Awesome! Can’t wait. I really appreciate this feature. It will be the best way to get a feel for the board. Thanks Shawn.


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