Ocean photo of the Week

Photo: Brent Lieberman

Use of this photo without the expressed written consent of the photographer is prohibited.


33 Responses to “Photo of the Week”

  1. Tony

    Great shot that catches various action scenarios of surfers in various phases of preparing to paddle out. All of that with a hollow tube drawing your eyes to the real action.

  2. mark wake

    brent, great picture…got to love those rocky beaches…..

  3. Burnsey

    Burnsey – damn Lieb – that almost looks like Pet Cemetaries – great shot!

  4. larry lessing

    surfphotography as art. This has everything,captures a mood,compostion, the color is great. Would make a great poster.

  5. Ben Hamilton

    Many of us know and appreciate Brent’s photographs and are captured by this one as if we can hear the sound, know the feel of the stones as we step to the water and launch ourselves into our friendly home break, and say hello to our friends and catch a few waves as the conditions continue to improve. We will pick up the trash on our way out, with our gear.

  6. Da Lieb

    Thank you to everyone who commented……you money is in the mail! Super stoked to part of team Surf Wanderer. Sign up to be a “follower” in the upper right hand area of this page to get updates from SW! Aloha Nui Loa…..Liebs

  7. Terry Adelson

    Once again Brent rules the camera as well as the waves.

  8. Gary tomada

    Brent your photos are awsome.
    Keep up the very professional work You have given us.

  9. SLC Surf Rat

    Fine shot and epitomizes why we surf-nicely done Brent.

  10. Chris & Christie Hurd

    I really enjoy seeing Liebs photos, after a day a work, I wish I could be there, it’s the next best thing, keep up the good work Bra………..Kip.


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