If you don’t know who Michael Kew is, then I’ll tell you.  Look in any major surf magazine in the world, and the dude is a senior writer in just about every one of them.  Locally, on the Central Coast, he writes travel stories every feature for Deep, but these are just a toss in the bucket compared to Surfer’s Journal, Slide Magazine, Surfer, etc, etc, etc.

Anyway, Kew just put together a compilation of ten years of his surf travel stories in his new book “Crossings, Michael Kew.”  I bought the book the first day; the stories are inspirational.

More on Kew in SLO County, if you know Chris Burkard, our own born and bred photographer, who, as we know,  is now one of the best surf photographers in the business, Kew has a few stories in the book where he traveled with Burkard that are cathartic.  One tale describes Burkard getting stuck in customs in Russia and not eating or seeing daylight for two days before being flown back to Tokyo, if I remember correctly, then flying all the way back to miss all the surf on the trip and thousands of dollars in the midst of things.

Kew’s writing is thought provoking, historical, vibrant, and filled with intellectual thought while at the same time intertwined with what we love most:  Surf.

If you enjoy reading surf travel stories, Kew’s Kontemplations from the most remote countries and islands around the world are inspirational and mind-numbing.  He has traveled to places I maybe only want to go in my mind, and the hues of color he writes with allow me to do so.