The surfing community is a tight knit group of friends who, whether they surf together everyday or not, have a family-like relationship and care about each other with a connection strew together by the ocean and waves they love.

Pat Flecky was an inspired surfer/shaper, a legend in our surf world, and a surf brother to the crews along the beaches of San Luis Obispo County.

We would like to remember Pat by having all of you submit your comments below for Pat and his loved ones.

Please leave all of your great stories and memories here (in the comment area below), so that we may keep smiling with him in his shaping bay in heaven.

R.I.P. Buddy, thanks for the great smiles, your inspiration, and all your stoke!  You were the consummate surfwanderer.


7 Responses to “Remembering our Surf Brother: Pat Flecky”

  1. Shawn

    Pat, I had the pleasure of surfing some terribly bad waves with you at Pismo Pier and all we did was laugh and be stoked. I really appreciate those memories, as it is really the way to live brother.
    I also know how much respect everyone had for you as a shaper in our community and what a prize it was for our friends to ride your surfboards. Take care, buddy, we’ll miss that smile and that positive stoke.

  2. Chucky Villa

    Soo happy i got to hang out with you I remember surfing Cloudbreak and Restaurants with you and your son at Tavarua Fiji you were such a good hearted nice guy all around .Love you and may you have a great time in heaven. CHUCKY V.

  3. Brian Beres

    I just met you last week when I walked up to my car after snapping my long board in two. After the usual funny comments about now having two boards you took the pieces off my hands and said “I’ll repair it so someone can use it to learn to surf on” and gave me your card in case I ever needed a board shaped. You seemed so nice and genuine. By the other comments its true!
    Mahalo and find that perfect left point break in heaven!
    Brian Beres of the dawn patrol crew at da Pier.

  4. Mike Wonder

    I have not seen Pat in, what has it been, 35-40 years now? I met him when I moved to Encinitas in either 69 or 70. I got jobs working for Ed Wright at Sunset Surfboards, and Don Hansen at his factory in Cardiff. Pat and I moved into a house at 3rd and G that was shared by 6- to 10 people depending. Pat lived in a closet for a while, and I slept in the covered porch. Fun times being young and innocent. About half the people in the house surfed, another third or so were Christians, and there was a couple into Self Realization fellowship. It was an interesting mix of people, to say the least. He shaped me a number of boards during those few years, and they were always *unique*, and more importantly, they surfed well.

    RIP, old friend,

    Mike Wonder

  5. phil rueff

    What a blessing it was talking story at the pier,on the pier, at the table, in the lot, once in awhile in the water and sharing a black horse muffin with you. I loved the north shore stories the best, took me back to the time i lived there in the 70″s. The only surf contest i was ever in was your toes to the nose one a few yrs back, that when i first felt your stoke and aloha spirit, you can usually tell right off if someone has been living in paradise for a period of time, huh brah! Well now you are done with your journey and surrounded in perfect love and peace. You allways let us know the importance of bringing our needs, problems, difficult people and daily struggles to the Lord in prayer, a simple truth to apply daily as we continue our earthly journey. Much love and aloha my brother, and i will see you in paradise where we will trully live Pura Vida!

  6. Barry

    Got some our first customs from Pat with a friend of mine.We drove down to Encinitas from Orange ca. Beautiful swallow wing single for me with a wood glass-on, target logo with Flecky-Equipe logo. My bro-got a round tail single, with airbrush wave on the bottom,wood glass-on fin.They rode incredible.Thanks for the memories!

  7. George camcho

    I did not know my friend and surf craft mentor had passed away. I knew Pat from Oceanside during the 80s where he showed me how to shape and glass boards. Then sometime after he moved to Grover Beach where I’m positive he met a lot good people in that area which they most likely welcomed him to their clan. I still have two boards he shaved and I glassed to this day. I wish I could thank him as I did not know how to get in touch with him. Thank you Pat you’ll be missed but not forgotten.


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