A movie from the web by Karim Rejeb
This is the kind of thing we do when we’re surf deprived. Check out this sick video.


5 Responses to “From the Web: Video: Dude! Dude! What We Do When We’re Swell Deprived”

  1. Rich Dennis

    I must be gettin old. I still just drink beer on the beach when there’s no waves.

    • Shawn

      Right on! Truthfully, that sounds better than spending our on a lego movie, but it was sick though!

  2. Mouse

    I wish it was that good all the time around here. Best animated movie i’ve ever seen!

  3. Chita Black

    I agree, excellent animation with a pleasant tune. I was really surprised to see the animated wave formation so true to form and the positioning on the wave of the little surfer dude.


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