Welcome to a new photo gallery series by our senior staff photographer Brent Lieberman. Lieb’s has gone through thousands of photos to put together this series. Stay tuned to the website, and if you haven’t signed up to “Follow” Surfwanderer yet (which you can do on the right side bar), this series would be worth signing up for.  Thanks for the support and we hope you enjoy!


This new series of galleries, we are calling “Inspirations” are going to be images culled out of my six terabyte world, and three banana boxes of little yellow Kodak boxes of slides, spanning my shooting experiences during the last 47 years or so! Some of these images will be old film files, and may be scratched and have been through numerous drunken, smoke filled rooms, and slide show debauchery, but will share with you a few minutes from my younger years, experiences and blunders! There was period for about 15-20 years when I didn’t take many still photos, but shot hundreds of hours of videos of our kids coming up, and all their growth, experiences and blunders! Then about 15 years ago, I once again jumped back into my original passion, making photographs. I really embrace the digital media world, no more being hyper conservative because of the cost of film and processing, waiting days to see your work, and no more spending untold hours in the darkroom breathing stinking chemicals.
So I hope you will enjoy this ride with me, maybe take your own personal trip back in time, and then fast forward to the present and have a big smile on your face. “Stay Stoked and Stay Forever Young”…..Da Lieb


3 Responses to “Inspirations Photo Gallery – Series 1”

    • Philip Guglielmelli

      ~:~ Wishing you well and may your dreams come true ~:~


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