Save 10 Movement 

By Shawn Tracht/

Perfect waves have been breaking like this for centuries.  What happened to this picture?

So this week was the week of the 4th of July, and all of us who live near the ocean know how much those who don’t live near the ocean trash our beaches.  It’s sad.  It’s like the visitors who show up for the 4th and the summer months think they’re showing up to a ball game, and the stadium staff are going to clean up all their trash for them after the game.  They don’t understand that every little wrapper, plastic top to their water bottles, paper napkins, and plastic grocery bags are fifty yards away from the waters edge, and fifty yards away from being the killers of ocean animals, which eventually, through the food chain, will come back to haunt and effect us.

In a few of our other Save 10 articles on Surfwanderer, (which can be found under the “Eco” tab on the navigation bar) we’ve illuminated what is know as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch: what they say is approximately a collection of trash that is twice the size of Texas!

So this then puts the task up for grabs as to who is going to save that trash from going into the ocean before it hits our waters.  Now trust me, it’s gross, it’s not mine, and I don’t want to pick it up!  However, too bad!  I have no choice.  This is the ocean and the beaches that I love.  I don’t want to be a trash collector though, so I have to have attainable goals and ask for help.

The Save 10 Movement just asks all of us to “Just Save 10 Pieces of Trash” from going into the ocean every time you’re at the beach.  Trust me, there is so much trash that you’re going to want to pass up this trashy experience, but please, just do a little part, you can wash your hands when you’re done!  We all know who to blame, and we all know it’s totally gross.  We are all infuriated, but if we continue to not help clean it up, even though we didn’t do it, we will only live in our own trash.  As Jennifer Blonder from the Surfrider Foundation stated on ESPN radio, “even if you just pick up one piece of trash, just to get into the movement!  Anything is better than nothing, and you’re doing your part is doing us all a favor.”

The Save 10 Movement is about doing what we can when we can and leading by example.  So do whatever you can stomach each day, as in picking up trash at your beach.

Shaka, Save 10

Please!  Leave your own stories and comments below to help the movement gain strength!


One Response to “Save 10! Summer Trash Clean Up!”

  1. Jack Bingham

    I couldn’t have put it better myself, it really brings it to light when you put it like that( the stadium mantality). Alot of people are only looking at today and not the long term effects. If everyone in the world dropped one piece of trash on the ground we would be in a world of hurt, we all need to do our part weather or not it’s ours.


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