Photos: Brent Lieberman
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Friday the Thirteenth…..”Ain’t Superstitious, got a black cat at my door.” You ever thought; well today’s my Birthday, today’s Thanksgiving Day, Full Moon, New Years Eve etc. Gotta be some good waves today. I think we (Humans, Surfers, Photographers) are in fact a superstitious lot, think about it, we do these things thinking there has to be some rhyme or reason for it, and there fore were gonna score, not always, but sometimes. I must say that I have been very lucky on Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and New Years eve, but maybe I’m superstitious?
Getting up an hour before the alarm clock was set to go off at 4:15, made for an even longer day than I needed, but so it goes. Picked up my friend and shooting partner, Steve Bissell at 6:30 and we were off to the see the Wizard, or in this case our Buddy Shawn Schukraft to check out the surf at Laguna’s. With threat of rain and/or lighting strikes in the forecast, we forged ahead without any fears or trepidations, only to find Lagunas serving up some beautiful South Swell Tubes. This truly is a beautiful place and Huge Props go out to Shue for sharing this amazing slice of the coast with us two trigger fingers. I hope you enjoy looking at these images, and forge ahead in your life without any superstitions! Don’t worry about that Black Cat, just might bring you luck! “Stay stoked and Stay Forever Young”…DaLieb

Please, if you know surfers in this gallery, add there names into the comments below so that they can more easily find their photos!  Shaka Surfwanderer


One Response to “Somewhere in Cali: South Swell Barrels”

  1. Da Lieb

    Shawn Schukraft, Will Hutcherson, Kelly Crayshaw, Morgan Bayles, Shawn Lamb and Captain Corsi, to name a few!


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