Photo:  Seth Migdail 

“Nominated four times for the Billabong XXL Awards, Seth Migdail is a top Mavericks Photographer who we are proud to begin featuring as an elite photographer on Online Magazine.”

Contest or not, Shane Dorian always seems to go big and bigger. This was no exception during the 09/10 Mavericks Surf Contest. This image hid from me among the 2000 plus captures I had from that day, only to reveal itself during a future editing session long after the Billabong XXL Awards. This second reef bomb is surely one of the biggest waves ever paddled into, yet few have seen this image. Somehow, this ride eluded everyone and to my knowledge has never been discussed as a possible record. Ironically, this was the first time Dorian had ever surfed Mavericks. On that day, he got barreled twice and then got this wave; a testament to just how amazing a surfer and waterman he is. Mavericks doesn’t allow you to be too cocky for too long. She will inevitably put you in your place and remind you that she’s the boss, which is what Dorian found out the next day when he took the worst beating of his life, prompting him to partner with Billabong and helping develop an inflatable wetsuit.

How big is too big to paddle into? This day at Mavericks changed the perception of what that bar is. We’ve seen it since at Jaws and other spots, where an elite crew of charges keep pushing it bigger and bigger, while the tow teams wait in the channel. Is there really a limit, or is it all mental?

I hope to be there when we find out!


Camera Gear
Canon EOS 7D

Camera Lens
EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM
Photo taken at 100mm

Camera Settings
F-stop: f/3.5
Shutter Speed: 1600
ISO: 100
Aperture Priority mode

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