Photos: Brent Lieberman
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Once again heading to Laguna’s. Get on the road and a hour later pull up to Steveo’s house, load all his gear and were rolling down the road to meet up with our Buddy Shawn Schukraft. Word from some is that the South swell has increased, so our anticipation meter is pegging out. We roll into the parking area in front of the break, and what, no cars, not a good sign, so we hop out and climb up on the rocks to see playful three foot waves and only two body boarders out!! SWEET. As Shawn is suiting up a nice set rolls in and it’s on! I cant believe no one is here. After about an hour of Shawn surfing by himself, a couple more cars cruise in and three or four more guys paddle out. Still, three to four, maybe five foot sets and about a total of six or seven surfers out enjoying better and better conditions, just another session at Laguna’s! Enjoy the photos, Stay Stoked and Stay Forever Young. Aloha Nui Loa…..Liebs

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