Indonesia Surfing Barrel Padang Padang Green Room Surfing

This shot was taken on a unusually uncrowded day at Padang Padang 5:00pm June 3rd 2012.  Living in Indonesia for the past ten years I have seen the many faces of change that comes with sudden money and power. Booming infrastructure, gridlock traffic and pollution. The one constant is the waves and the vibe that you get from surfing in Indonesia …stoke!!!!! Just ask this unknown surfer. He probably planned his Indo surf adventure for months, travelled anywhere from six to forty hours. Haggled with porters and customs officials at the airport . Payed way to much for taxis, rental cars, lodging, food and everything else that comes with being born with the West’s silver spoon in your mouth.

All that being said, How much would you pay to find yourself at six to eight foot Padang with four other guys? Not to mention not a drop of water out of place, tide at the perfect level and the wind a gentile offshore breeze.  I would have asked him myself but, I never caught his name. Nor did he ask for mine , or inquire about this photo or the hundred others I took of him. All he wanted was another.

Cheers …

Camera Gear
Canon EOS 7D in AquaTech CO-7 Housing

Camera Lens
EF 70-200mm

Camera Settings
F-stop: f/5.6
Shutter Speed: 1/2000
ISO: 200

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Use of this photo without the expressed written consent of the photographer is prohibited. 

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