Welcome back to the photo gallery series by Brent Lieberman. Liebs has gone through thousands of photos to put together this series. Stay tuned to the website, and if you haven’t signed up to “Follow” Surfwanderer yet (on the right side bar), this series is still and always will be worth signing up for.  Thanks for the support and we hope you enjoy!

I’ve always been intrigued by color and texture. When I was a child I can remember laying on the grass in our backyard and watch the clouds float by for hours. I would watch the clouds form different shapes, designs, colors and textures. Our yard, on one side was a wall of rose bushes of many different colors and odors. Those beautiful flowers always made it into our home and along with them those lovely rose smells. My parents always surrounded my brother and I with the arts and music. Our home was like a small museum with many different styles of paintings ranging from many of the impressionistic period painters. We also had paintings of nude women, clowns, and seascapes. Mom always had music playing, ranging from big band swing, jazz, right to the latest Beatles tunes.

So, I guess I could say that color, texture, design and movement have been one of the threads that is part of the fabric of me. A lot of times when I am editing my work, I pay more attention to the color and texture of my photographs, than some of the other elements that many of my contemporaries do. Subject matter and composition is always important, but I’m always stoked when I see a beautiful Surfing shot, where the water in the foreground looks like an oil painting. In some of my abstract work, if you have to ask; what is that?, I feel like I’ve accomplished what I started out to do. Its all about color and texture!

“Stay Stoked and Stay Forever Young”…..Da Lieb


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