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Photo: Matt Aden

The one that changed everything! It was a cold winter evening down in San Diego. I had never taken a wave photo before and decided that this was going to be the day. So I suited up, put on my fins and dove in, not knowing what I was about to get myself into. Bloody hands, an ice cream headache, scratched housing lens port, and numerous bumps and bruises later I realized that wave photography wasn’t going to be easy.  I swam around for over an hour, couldn’t figure out where to position myself, or what setting to put my camera on. Should I take a video?  Or should I take a single shot? This was definitely a learning experience (it still is every time).  I took about 500 photos that day and it turned out that the last one was the only one that counted. This perfect wave rolled through and cleaned me up. It washed me, my camera and my dignity up onto the dry reef, destroying my new lens port and cutting my hands to shreds. By the time it was done I was 200 yards from the break trying to clear the cob webs. When I got home and looked though the pictures I saw this gem, my first and favorite picture taken to date. It sits framed above my desk at work as a daily reminder of the beauty and power found deep in the heart of a wave.


Camera Gear
GoPro HD2

Camera Lens

Camera Settings

See more from Matt on his Facebook :  http://www.facebook.com/?ref=tn_tnmn#!/pages/Matt-Aden-Photography/434989849874562
Or on his website: http://www.adenphotography.com/
And click here to buy his work: http://society6.com/AdenPhotography

To see this photo full screen:  Click Here

Use of this photo without the expressed written consent of the photographer is prohibited. 

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