Shawn Tracht photographing Pismo beach surfers

Dan Hamlin busting out on a small day at Pismo Beach // Photo: Tracht

Story and Photo:  Shawn Tracht

Every online magazine carries a huge responsibility when they promote individuals and businesses in their features.  Surfwanderer is no different.  So with that being said, in my time as a writer and a voice in the surfing community, it is important for me to promote good, and promote living a healthy, honest, noble lifestyle.  This isn’t easy because of the difficulties of life and what we all go through along the way; however, that being said, because the choice is mine as a writer for, my choice to promote and showcase surfers in this world who are worth looking up to is what is important to me.  Danny Hamlin could be no better choice.

A model citizen, a caring soul, one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, and one of the top rippers no matter what beach he shows up at in California, Dan Hamlin is a person who all moms and dads should point to on the beach when they’re telling their kids, “look at that guy over there little Johnny or Jane, that’s the model of a person who, if you end up like that, would make me proud.”

Nobody’s perfect, and I’m sure Dan would be the first to agree, and we aren’t holding him to perfection because that’s outright…well, dumb.  However, the words I think of when I think of “Hammy” are  positive, and inspirational.  So to that, enjoy a little of his ripping here, and spend a couple minutes checking out his blog and the sponsors he’s chosen to further push his cause.  Dan’s blog:,  Esteem Surf Shop, Jedediah Clothing, and Roberts’ Surfboards.




3 Responses to “Surfwanderer Spotlight: Dan Hamlin”

  1. Brett Nance

    I’ve known Dan since the 4th grade, and your words about what parents on the beach should say sound exactly like what my parents always did say… even when we were kids. Dan is one of the top two “good guys” I’ve encountered through my life. You couldn’t have written this article better.

    • Shawn

      Awesome to hear your support of Hammy. We just felt at Surfwanderer that we needed to highlight top role models in world of so many false heros and icons. Back to the basics. Do good for others, live simply, and be happy. Hammy is not only well appreciated by his friends but has their support in positive endeavors. No man or women can do it alone, and by helping others, you too receive help. It’s a great lesson to learn, though not always the easiest to live up to. Hammy is a good guiding light.


  2. Da Lieb

    Danny is one of the most laid back, humble and mellow kids that I have met. Truly a gentleman, and a Rippah! Just a pleasure to be around.


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