Photos:  Brent Lieberman
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This particular day, Walter, Ricky and I four wheeled into Area 51.  We were a little delayed waiting for a good run across the river, trying to not get caught by the tide, which would have put a real wrinkle into our day and Ricky’s Habitat, an all wheel drive minivan all terrain home away from home! In that habitat’s usual contents included: three or four surfboards, as many wetsuits, two skateboards, a couple of ukeleles, hot water, cold water, cliff bars, camera gear, a sleeping bag, binoculars, a camp stove, a tent, etc., etc. The guy is always prepared!

We met up with a few other the other Boyz for a great session. The waves were really fun, the lighting excellent, and the boyz were rippin’.   Along with Ricky and Walter were Daron Mafi, Robbie Dominguez, and Hugh Soderquist.  It’s really nice when you can four-wheel drive into this place we call Area 51 and surf with just a couple of friends.  It takes some commitment, but sometimes it’s totally worth it.

I hope you enjoy your trip to Area 51!

“Stay Stoked and Stay Forever Young”   Aloha Nui Loa…..Liebs