Photo: Thomas Sebourn

The South Bay of Los Angeles rarely sees overhead+ surf, and there are only a handful of spots that produce “rideable” waves. I do not recall what the forecast was for this morning, but I wouldn’t have dragged my butt out of bed unless the surf was going to be well overhead.

When I arrived the only person out was local South Bay charger, Tyler Hatzikian. He caught three or four Pipeline-like waves and called it a morning. I snapped this image as the sun was rising. The best light always happens in the 15 minutes before the beach and ocean is drenched with direct sunlight. You can see Palos Verdes and Catalina in the background.

El Porto can look deceivingly makeable from the beach, but I can assure you that this wave was 100% un-makeable unless you were to tow-in. By my estimates, this wave is at least two feet overhead.

Camera Gear
Sony A700

Camera Lens
@ 200mm

Camera Settings
F./ 4.5
SS 1/250
ISO 400

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Use of this photo without the expressed written consent of the photographer is prohibited. 


2 Responses to “Photo Showcase: Thomas Sebourn”

  1. Da Lieb

    Beautiful image Thomas, brings back a lot of memories of my childhood, thanks for sharing your colorful vision.

  2. Matt Aden

    Working at LAX 2 days a week I make it a point to check El Porto everytime I drive up. I have definatley NEVER seen waves like this in LA. Awesome shot!


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