Photo: Teddy Miller

This photo sums up my relationship with this particular spot. It is an ominous place. The desolate beach, peppered with elephant seal pup appetizers, and over-looming rock formations, creates a constant feeling of unease. This picture was taken moments after a session in which the company of another surfer would have been welcomed with open arms.

The heavy waves, complimented by a unique back drop, allowed for some photos that portray the variety of emotions I experienced as I walked back to my truck. This place can leave you bitter, frustrated, and even scared beyond belief, but it only takes one good wave out there to erase any of those memories, and a return trip is inevitable.


Camera Gear
Nikon D3100

Camera Lens
@ 52 mm

Camera Settings
F./ 7.1
SS 1/200
ISO 100

Be sure to check out Teddy’s blog! Guy’s got talent:

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To see this photo full screen:  Click Here

Use of this photo without the expressed written consent of the photographer is prohibited. 


One Response to “Photo Showcase: Teddy Miller”

  1. Da Lieb

    Nice shot Teddy. I know this spot, and that wave is way bigger than people would understand, and that coast is just a magnificent place to hang out. Great work, keep searching!


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