Photos: Brent Lieberman
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Aloha All,

This particular session was at Area 51 this past October. Getting to Area 51 is not easy. First you have to have a sturdy four wheel drive vehicle, preferably with high ground clearance. Then, you don’t want to hit it after a big rain storm, as there are a river or two to cross, and the road in can get really slippery, muddy and miserable! Its a sorta gnarly spot out in the wilderness, so if you break down, bog down or get water logged you are in a bad place, pretty much left to your own resources, such as your friends, no AAA here!

With that said, as you can imagine, its always exciting to venture out there. Its doubly cool when you get there and see a couple of your adventurous Brothers out there to enjoy the solitude, surf and camaraderie! Everyone sorta knew the conditions were ripe for Area 51 and Walter and I were pleasantly surprised to see the Knowles Bros; Eric and Jason, Mike Fogg, Donovan Reeder, and Eric Soderquist there when we finally bobbed and weaved our way out there, after only having to remove a few tree limbs off the pathway! Sometimes kinda makes you wonder if some of your Bros didn’t place them there! The lighting was good, the winds were favorable and the Boyz were ripping. I hope you enjoy your ride to Area 51!

“Stay Stoked and Stay Forever Young….. Da Lieb”