Photo: Matt Clark

Matt Clark Photography

Photo: Matt Clark // Nova Scotia

This shot was taken while on a video shoot for Mikey DeTemple’s film Sight|Sound. We were up in Nova Scotia filming for a week or so and this was one of those moments. God I love it up there. It’s beautiful. It’s exactly what you’d expect. Endless empty lineups with dreamy landscapes, real wilderness. The backdrops are just so astounding, I’d love to go back in the fall when all of the leaves are changing, it’s probably one of the most beautiful places I’ve been to and I’ve been to many of the traditionally beautiful blue water blue sky tropical places.

There’s something about a cold morning with stiff offshores. Rocky coastline with pointbreak after pointbreak, and twisty roads along cliffs lined with Evergreens. The surfing going on up there is pretty amazing and there’s an incredibly tight knit community of surfers, when you’re in town, they know immediately so you can’t play any tricks on them. I love it up there, did I say that?

Camera Gear
Canon EOS 5d Mark II

Camera Lens
Canon 24-70

Camera Settings
F./ 2.8
SS 1/8000
ISO 400

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Use of this photo without the expressed written consent of the photographer is prohibited. 


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