Photos: Brent Lieberman
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Please, if you know surfers in this gallery, add there names into the comments below so that they can more easily find their photos!  ‘Shaka’ Surfwanderer

I’m thinking that this last swell, didn’t quite meet up to my expectations? I truly was expecting to see 8-10 foot roping waves with corduroy lines to the horizon! Over the past few days there were some spots that looked like that, but I didn’t see them, or just wasn’t willing to drive hundreds of miles on the chance of scoring. I do a lot of driving in this quest to find those idyllic conditions, burn up a lot of gas, gone through some tires and hit a deer doing $3300 worth of damage to my beloved Honda!

So this session at Robots, was the best one I saw in the last four days. The weather was perfect, ocean was glassy all day, and there were plenty of waves to be had by all.

Stand out surfing was being done by Jake Chancer, Cayson Peterson, Eric Knowles, Tim Puckett, Bernie Pigott, Dennis Rizo and a host of others. Check out these images, enjoy the show, and don’t forget what I always say… “Stay Stoked and Stay Forever Young…..Da Lieb”