Photo: Seth Migdail

Corduroy Lines

Earlier in the week we brought you this September Showcase Shot from photographer Seth Migdail, with a promise that we would soon bring a full gallery. First, check out the original story below then click your mouse on the link that follows. Words and photos by Migdail.

“I had the crew, the swell was pumping and the winds were light offshore. As I drove down towards Pacifica, I could see the corduroy lines stretched out to the horizon, taunting me as I sat in my driver’s seat. My first glimpse of the pier from way above on PCH 1 was a perfectly clean left pitching into a tight, incandescent barrel, empty and beautiful. That was not my destination. I had planned to meet up with a few local rippers, and as I drove down, got a call from South African big wave surfer Frank Solomon to find out where I thought it might be good. I told him where I was going, a little secret spot just north of Pacifica that was sure to be firing. He was on the way with Joao de Macedo, another big wave surfer from Portugal (now residing in San Francisco) who I had texted earlier and rattled out of bed.

Armed with a 500mm on a mono-pod I spent the next two hours shuffling north and south repositioning myself as perfect a-frames peeled off left and right. The crew was killing it, stuffing into overhead barrels and ripping apart oily smooth faces. In between all the action I scoped the empty waves north and south of where I was camped. One thing I love about shooting in NorCal is that there is always epic scenery as a backdrop, and this spot is no exception. I had been trying to line this shot up all morning, but as the tide started to fill in, I kept getting pushed back up towards the cliff. I was pretty much at waters edge when I snapped this one, leaning forward a bit to get out past the jutting rocks.”


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