Photos: Brent Lieberman
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Shawn and I rondevued at Dreamland to shoot some photos of his new Threedom by JVP sled. It is a really really colorful board, and I expected it to look very cool in photos. The waves were pretty good, about 3-5′ and pretty glassy, however it was very foggy which usually always kills the contrast. At one point it got so foggy and almost drizzling that I almost packed it in. If I wasn’t being paid the big bucks, I would of tossed in the towel!! But a photog has to do what a photog does. This place sits on a very wild part of the coast, and you never know what to expect, or what you will see. At one point there was all this commotion in the water and an Elephant seal popped up a few times with a halibut in its mouth, shaking its head and ripping the flounder to shreds, as all the birds were invading the area for the scraps……good thing it was only an Elephant seal! All in all, I think we all had a great time. I hope you enjoy these images….remember “Stay Stoked and Stay Forever Young….Da Liebs”

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The maroon Threedom surfboard is made by John Perry of JVP Surfboards