We asked surfer Kilian Garland from Santa Barbara, California, about his favorite boards (for board reference, Kilian is 6’3″ and 170 pounds).

Surf Wanderer:  What is your current favorite board? 

Kilian Garland: Right now it is a Fred Rubble shaped by Channel Islands. It is 5’11″1/2 x 18 3/8″ x 2 1/4″  and a little fuller in the nose so it can float good still. I like to surf it in the chest high to 1 foot overhead range so that the board has plenty of speed to get up and down the wave face. It is a very progressive surfboard that can be used for various types of surfing.

SW: What kind of waves do you mostly surf in? 

KG: I am mostly surfing the point waves in the winter and more beach break stuff in the summer. I will also surf reef breaks from time to time.  I enjoy my boards the most at point-breaks. I really like to get some sessions in a bit bigger reef waves to test out round tails and more length in the board.

SW: If your not surfing that board, what do surf instead/want to surf instead? 

KG: I surf another model called the Semi Pro. It is really responsive and fast. It is your more normal type looking short-board. I like it cause I can ride it in a ton of different conditions and it still works. It does like it to be bigger than chest high but anything over that range is fine. I have also tried the Cheese Stick (Yadin Nicol Model) which is a blast for beach break waves. One more I tried and liked would be The Proton (Dane Reynolds Model) which would be used if the wave has a steep face.

Kilian is sponsored by Channel Islands, Volcom, Isurus Wetsuits, Sector 9 Skateboards, and Famous Wax.