Blue Curacao

These photos are meant to be a part of the Celebration of Water, Light, And Energy. They are a representative of those dreams that become realities.

Scotty Carter loves the artistic element of waves and if he can dream it, he can create it. He is in tune with the natural mystic and hydrodynamic processes that bring us the waves we love. He is as much a scientist as he is a surf photographer and artist. He is one of the most knowlegeable people on the diversity of waves and how each reef, cove and beach bends the energy it receives from storms thousands of miles away to become our favorite surf breaks.

25 years of experience as a cinematographer and photographer have made him one of the world’s experts at waves. Scotty is an ego-less personality and artist, so it is really difficult for him to accept the praise that he gets or the writing that is done on his behalf. He is happy in producing wave imagery and art that makes the world smile. As a customer of his I can tell you that I love having his work in my house and consistently hear the same from customers.

-Rob Brack

Click HERE to See the Gallery!

Thank you to Scotty and Rob for the photos and words. Don’t miss out on Scotty’s epic website.


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