Surfer:  Fraggle  Photo: Shawn Tracht

By far, one of my favorite guys to end up in the water with, and one of the most surf photogenic as well, Fraggle (and he’s asked to leave his real now in the water), is always a pleasure to shoot photos of.

This was a day when there weren’t even supposed to be waves breaking, especially at this little spot.  We actually were just hiking in for the heck of it on a semi-summer morning.  Fraggle had the longboard, and I was a bit lazy, so I sat back with the camera for a while as he paddled out.  On his first wave, he got a backside pig-dog barrel.  Then, on this next one, he went all Alex Knostian on me, and threw up the dog-leg right!

Anyway, long story short, it ended up being a fun sesh, the sun peaked out, and the memories were worth the hike in.