Surfboard Design forumns

Photo: Shawn Tracht //

Photo: Shawn Tracht //


This here, is a planer, if you didn’t already know (which you probably did). And this here, is one of the single most important tools ever created in my life. Do I use it…? No. However, without it, my life would be half as good. The family half of my life, solid, but without the planer in the hands of a good shaper, the surfing half of my life would be little to no good, and, consequently, surfing may not exist on the heightened level that it does today.

So what do I say to this photo of one of the greatest tools ever created in the life of a surfer…simply, “True dat!,” which equals my Pure Surf Stoke.


2 Responses to “True Dat!”

  1. adrian

    hey buddy, this is sick. Few make the true connection… we are among the blessed ones. see you soon

    • Shawn

      Ya buddy ya buddy! For those of you reading Adrian’s comment, he’s a killer up and coming shaper from Carmel/Monterey area living in SLO shaping boards. Check his website out by clicking his name on his comment!


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