By Chris Mather-

In life there are many things that are sent to try us, to break our resolve, our spirit.

In my life right now it feels as if all these things are being tested, as I sit here and scribble, I’m sure there are others sat at work, school or elsewhere thinking the same.

In times of financial hardship, unemployment and with exams looming, many people are really starting to find out just what they are made of and this is why writing this, seems, to just make sense.

Okay, for me, recent events have made me take a step back and take a long, hard look at my life; question what I’m doing, where I’m heading and what it is all for.  (Now please don’t read this thinking I’m sat here bottle in hand feeling sorry for myself, and yes there are many people around the world who are far worse off than I).

My point is; STRESS; we are all aware of it and at some point will all experience varying levels.

My second point is; WATER; again we are all aware of it but, this is not about drinking 5 or 8 glasses a day (I forget what they recommend now).  We know it is good for us, we’ve all read it a thousand times. This is to do with its other benefits. That right now may help more than ever.

This is about the power that water has to take away are stresses, are worries are aches and pains. No matter how bad a day I’ve had this great healer manages to make things just seem that bit easier.

There are probably scientists or shrinks somewhere who can give a text book reasoning but, all I know is from the moment I paddle out, things, seem to become more simple. Duck under the first wave and apart from the sobering freshness; life’s problems start to be put into perspective. As your head pierces back to the surface and the crisp air rushes into your lungs, the healing process is underway.

Once the line up is reached, feelings can become mixed; your local break brings with it acknowledging looks, varied hand signals and the odd hoot or holla. If surfing away from home then an air of apprehension may linger but remember we are all there due to a shared passion and if, respect is shown, it will be given. If not, F$$k em, haters hate.

This most basic decency is being forgotten the world over, so let’s not join the masses.

Now I’m sat there watching, waiting, the gentle rocking of the water beneath me and an air of calm envelops me; yes my mind still ticks (I tend to over think) but It’s steady and deliberating.

Time rolls on, the worries and life stresses fade as if on the outgoing tide.

Things are good, my only worry is hitting my feet, making the drop and hoping good old mother nature is feeling kind and forgiving as I pleasure myself over and over in her giant playground. (Without the risk of arrest)

Hours roll by, for some I’m sure it would be days if light allowed but for many others, and me, be it due to fitness, work or loving partners, are session is over.

Now, as we ride to the beach with a mixed look of satisfaction and exhaustion, we feel relaxed, mentally rejuvenated, even though our bodies may be broken. As you tear off your leash and look back out to the horizon, happy signals flow through us.

If she was a doctor, you’d be with the receptionist hurriedly booking your next appointment, instead you just need to turn up. So to all those with shrinks and therapists, you can keep them, as my hard earned cash is staying put.

I look forward to my next therapy session and how many can say they actually like going to the doctors. In her I have the best listener in the world, which never judges me. So why not try getting some water therapy in your life.

But please remember, whilst she heals us; let’s not destroy her.


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