Incase you didn’t know, our Senior Writer/Photographer, Shawn Tracht, is also our web designer here at In fact, building websites is one of his specialties. Whether you’re in the surf industry, or any other business needing a website, our webmaster can build you the highest level product, and we want to support him.

Contact: Shawn Tracht at for a quote

He will work with you to not only help build the site, but also use his skills as a seasoned writer and photographer for many magazines worldwide to bring your new or existing website the most professional feel.

Whether you own a business, you’re an artist, or you just need a place to display your hobby, Shawn will take care of you with the utmost professionalism, as he has for us.

Here’s some examples:

have build your next website // Built by Shawn Tracht 

PJ Wahl’s New Website

John Perry’s New Website

Shawn’s personal portfolio website

Shawn has just begun our Travel site, it is in progress now.