Somewhere in Cali:  Dreamland

Photos: Brent Lieberman
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This morning all the indicators online were showing the beginning of a new NW Swell, so off early to check out the Ocean. After driving for a while, I anxiously arrived at Dreamland, and I couldnt believe my eyes, about 6′ sets or better, offshore wind blowing, beautiful sun, and….no one there! After watching for about a half hour, I decided to just shoot some empty line up shots, as i was getting ready, one Surfer and one Bodyboarder went out in two different peaks. They were having a hard time with the consistent swell and sneaker bomber sets. I did however catch them both on at least one wave! This is why this spot is know as Dreamland, because you never know if its real or not, sometimes I dont know if Im even awake! I often see these kind of waves in my dreams, and sometimes for real! So, you figure it out, are these real, or is it just Dreamland! Always remember what I say “Stay Stoked and Stay Forever Young….Da Lieb”



One Response to “Somewhere in Cali: Dreamland”

  1. Brent Lieberman

    Shawn, its Dreamland, did you read the story?!!!!

    On Sun, Nov 4, 2012 at 1:31 PM, Surf Wanderer


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