Somewhere in Cali…Abalone Reef

Photos: Brent Lieberman
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Yesterday I just had that feeling in my bones, that there would be good waves somewhere. So I woke up at 4:30 in the morning and immediately put on my weather radio to hear the buoys, something that I have been doing every morning for over 40 years! That little Radio Shack forecaster has made it a little easier for me to decide whether to head North or South, or even to hop back under the covers for some more shut eye, and believe me that is very easy to do at 4:30 AM!
Listening to my radio, I decided to head out to Abalone Reef. Driving through the canyon that early you are almost guaranteed to see something. This morning, I counted 13 Doe’s 5 Buck’s one Bobcat and no other cars driving in either direction.
Getting down to the Point around 7:00 am I wasn’t let down. There were plenty of waves and some bomber sets around 6′-8′ foot or maybe a tad larger. This session features Steve Price, Jazmine Ment, Tyler Staalberg, Pete Berkey, Vaughn Montgomery, Tony Romosanta and a few others.
It was a really fun and satisfying session for me. I hope you enjoy these images, and don’t forget what I always say “Stay Stoked and Stay Forever Young…..Da Lieb”