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1. Explain your love of your sport so that someone who doesn’t surf/skate/snowboard can understand your connection/obsession to it:
My love for surfing started with just the love for being at the beach, in and around the water and sand at a young age. Realizing that you can do more than just play and/or body surf in the waves, I wanted to try surfing. Getting up on a board and surfing at about 4 years old was great. I was gliding over the water as the wave was taking me and my rad stinkbug stance to shore. I just loved the feeling and wanted more. As the years went on, being in the water hours at a time and wiping out numerous times I realized hey, waves do not hurt, this is fun, and the bigger the better. And then why not try new surf breaks, board types, and tricks. Observing these new things you learn a lot, what I have learned is that surfing is ageless and timeless. The longer you have been surfing the more grace and style you will have. 60 year olds are out there ripping on their logs with such finesse. By the way, how old is Kelly Slater? Ya, over 40 years old and a shredder. Surfing is truly a great sport. online magazine

2. What about Summer Recap makes you stoked to build you’re own online presence for others/sponsors to see?
Who doesn’t want cool surf stuff and a chance to showcase your love for your sport?! I love surfing and want to be a standout in the industry I love.

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3. Give Us a Short Bio of Yourself:
If I have my wetsuite, a Proctor surfboard under my arm, and an ocean nearbye, I’m set. I’m a 15 year old sophomore in high school and stoked on life. There’s nothing better than the season of summer where you get to surf everyday for hours on end…wait I take that back. I surf year round, two numbers for you, 4:3. I live to give God the glory and find joy everyday that I paddle out. After all it is His playground we are playing on.

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