Surfwanderer is stoked to see our senior writer, Shawn Tracht’s main eco cause, Save 10, being picked up by the surf community.  Check out the latest issue of Slide Magazine to view The Surfwanderer’s Save 10 Movement featured in the “Lost Waves” section of the magazine on page 14!

Here’s a sample, we’d love for you to purchase a copy.  Slide is sold at many surf shops, Barnes and Noble, and more.

SLIDE_24_FC copy Shawn Tracht writes for Slide Magazine

The most important part of the journey, however, is not just getting the word out, it’s getting the movement going.  When you’re walking up and down your beaches, please Save just 10 pieces of trash from going into the water and our environment.

Remember, we’re all in this together.  It’s gross, it’s not your trash, and you don’t want to pick it up…trust me.  But get over it, Save 10, and wash your hands when you get to the showers.