What It Means to be a Surfwanderer

rabbits foot: Ryan Lovelace/ Shawn Tracht

Ryan Lovelace with the Rabbits Foot finless surfboard Photo: Tracht

By Shawn Tracht

What does it mean to me to be a Surfwanderer?  Well considering at this exact point in my life, as a surfer, I have two small kids and a full time job teaching, Surfwanderering for me is much different than my friend here, Ryan Lovelace.  Where Ryan is traveling the world, surfing and shaping interesting surf crafts, like this finless Rabbits foot here, my family life has me surfwanderering a different way.

Like many of you, just trying to fit in a surf session everyday is not easy.  So varying our surf spots becomes even tougher as our time does not lend all day beach days anymore.  For me, to be a Surfwanderer is about the metaphysical journey as much as the corporeal one.  By challenging myself with board design, I continue to stay highly motivated to surf the same ‘ole spots everyday…and I love it.  See figuring out how to ride different surf crafts is the challenge that keeps my smile pure and grom-like.  I would love to follow the surf around the world, never having to surf a shitty blown out day again.  However, being a good father to my kids is ten times better than following the surf, so in that, staying home is just fine.

Being a Surfwanderer to me is having perspective of your whole life. Even though this time of my life maybe that of a one wave guy with a ten surfboard quiver, I know that as my son and daughter grow up and become surfers, which they must, my quick assault surf missions to the same beach everyday with a variety of surfboards to choose from, will become full day and full summer long (remember I’m a teacher) surf trips with a crazy quiver that I know how to use.

Ryan Lovelace and Shawn Tracht

Lovelace hands Tracht is new Surfwanderering Vehicle

Many of you are probably more in this predicament, the job guy and girl, than the magazine dream, being a daily world traveler for waves.  So to answer the question why I ride so many weird surfboards all the time, well, it’s for the ability to surf wander while staying at home.

In that, happy Surf wandering.  If work is king, and you need some new surf stoke, go get funking with your next board, and continue Surfwanderering right at home!