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Aloha, I’m  Charles  and  the founder of Shoots Photo Services based out of Maui, Hawaii. My interest in photography is boundless, my energy is unlimited, and I will take pictures of any thing thats exciting!

As a teenager I grew up in Florida in the 70’s and surfed the usual spots in South Florida as well as the occasional Upcoast/Sebastion trips, and one unreal trip to Hatteras.  My dream was no different than any other mainland surfer…get to Hawaii. Well thirty years later I got here. While not quite able to surf the larger swells that come thru Hawaii, I found a passion to take the place of surfing, when it’s bigger than my skill level This passion for pictures has kept me, as well as my long time partner/girlfriend/wife Veronica, busy travelling the different spots and shooting when the surf is up.

Please visit my website at and look at my pictures from various locations and feel free to purchase prints, coffeee mugs, mouse pads , T-shirts and a bunch of other merchandise all professionally printed and shipped direct.

Please also continue to follow the online surf magazine where I will occasionally have photo galleries from my adventures posted.