Surf Coach: 360 Reverse

By Shawn Tracht:  This trick is actually easier to learn than most.  One thing that I’ve found to…


Surf Coach: Toeside 360

Surf Coach:  By Shawn Tracht Photos: Jeff Pfost 1.  Going down the line, look for a crispy floater…

surfwanderer.com surf tips how to do a bottom turn hit the lip roundhouse cutback

Surf Coach Podcast: How to do: Good Bottom Turn, Hit the Lip, Roundhouse Cutback

Got a long drive, plug this into the stereo!

surfwanderer surf coach surf tips

What’s the best leash thickness to use during the Summer? Read the comments and add your own to see…

Most people out in the water today wear a leash on their surfboard.  It makes sense too, for many…

surfwanderer surf coach-how to noseride

Surf Coach: Nose Ride on a Longboard

South Bay local and Mike Purpus protege Ben Fortun demonstrates how to noseride as our featured surf…


Quick Fix Surfboard Ding Repair

Be back in the water in 5-10 minutes

closeout photography surfing photos from pismo and shell beach

Surf Coach: Fins Free Turn

We rode “The Hot Rod” shaped by Dave Johnson of Progressive Surfboards in the video.    Click…


Surf Coach: Hanging Heels

Hanging Heels 1. Find a good section on the wave where you can walk up and get your toes on…